"Neuroscientific Fertility Treatment Helps Patients Conceive Naturally."


"The natural method has success rates of up to 77 per cent"

"The new treatment focuses on removing mental blockages that prevent pregnancy and reducing the stress hormone cortisol, which can also impede conception."

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"Finally I'm a Mum!"

"When drugs didn't help her get pregnant, Amrit Theocharous, 39, from Enfield tried something more natural."
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"Michael Arnold is my choice. His roots are based in Traditional Science."

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"Michael Arnold is my choice. His roots are based in traditional science. He studied Neuroscience at University College London. Like myself he discovered effective alternatives to traditional methods. Michael shares my devotion to cure the root cause of a complaint and not just treat the symptom".

                                                                       - Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Natural Health Magazine
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