Roadblocks to Pregnancy

I’ll never forget the day I first met Michelle. She was 38 and had 3 unsuccessful rounds of IVF under her belt. By the time she walked through my door she was visibly traumatised. Physically and emotionally spent.

Michelle was a confident career woman with a wonderful husband and a happy marriage. Like any couple in their position, their thoughts turned to children and they decided the time was right to start a family. After a year of trying, nothing was happening. Excitement soon turned to anguish as she realised pregnancy was out of reach.

Michelle started IVF on the advice of her doctor. Three failed attempts and a lot of pain and heartache later, she came to see me. She had another IVF attempt booked for 3 months time. The IVF clinic had advised her to look into natural methods that can increase the chance of success.

After 2 months of working with us she came in my office one day.

“I’m in shock.” she said, “I’m pregnant.”

She had become pregnant naturally for the first time ever. She didn’t even need the 4th IVF attempt.

I was deeply affected by Michelle’s story for 3 reasons:

1) She had a totally unnecessary prolonged and painful journey to motherhood.

2) She was given the wrong advice for her situation at the outset. The advice was well-meaning but it was not well tailored and so, not right for her.

3) This is not an uncommon story. I’ve seen this happen all too often.

It hit me – this is happening every day to women who are trying to start a family and it is putting their chances of having a baby on hold for years… sometimes forever.

There were some fundamental reason's Michelle wasn't getting pregnant that nobody had identified.